The Virginia Williamson

Event Center


Use Policy



The Brunswick Community College Virginia Williamson Event Center is a multipurpose facility connected to the Odell Williamson Auditorium.  The Event Center accommodates a wide variety of events including but not limited to receptions, banquets, conferences, lectures, dances, small concerts and theatre.  The center may be configured as one 2800 square foot room or two rooms, one just over 1200 square feet and the other just under 1600 square feet.

The Odell Williamson Auditorium lobby serves as the entrance for the Event Center.  The atrium features track lighting for art and other types of displays.  A catering kitchen is also available for events.


Rental Use Fees and Space Capacities


Rental rates have been approved by the Board of Trustees of Brunswick Community College. Total rental fee shall consist of the base use fee plus the personnel services and equipment fees applicable per each event.

Base rental include use of tables, chairs and regular room lighting.  Any additional items and equipment will be charged to the user.

 Event Hall 1:  1235 square feet, capacity 75-95 depending on configuration

 Event Hall 2:  1580 square feet, capacity 80-125 depending on configuration

 Entire Event Center: 2800 square feet, capacity 150-300 depending on configuration

Each space enters from the Odell Williamson Auditorium lobby in the Event Center atrium.  When the entire Center is contracted, the lobby and atrium may used in connection with the event. (i.e.. registration, displays, silent auction)


Room                                                  Capacity                                           Not-for-Profit                                    Individuals and For Profit

Event Hall  Room 1                            75-100                                                $25 per hour*                                     $50 per hour*

Event Hall  Room 2                            90-175                                                $30 per hour*                                    $60 per hour*

Event Center  (both rooms)               150-300                                              $65 per hour*                                     $130 per hour*

Event Center w/lobby setup               150-300                                              $65 per hour* +$50                           $130 per hour*+ $100


*4 hour minimum

Rentals on Holidays or Holiday weekends are charged at a rate of 1.5 standard fees.

Deposits: A non-refundable deposit of one day’s base rental will be charged for all users.

                A $200 refundable security deposit will by charged for all users.

Personnel Charges*

$20/hour for each staff person required

$20/hour for each custodial staff person required

$35/hour for each uniformed event security personnel (minimum 2)

$35/hour for each uniformed event security personnel in the room (Required when alcohol is served)


Rentals Include

A one-time room set-up

Use of wireless Internet connection

Use of the catering kitchen subject to availability

Use of facility’s tables and chairs

(30 – 60in. round tables, 36 6’ Rectangular tables and 300 armless event chairs)


Upon request, available conference supplies include easel, waste baskets, water glasses and pitchers.

Equipment Rentals

Sound System                                     Price upon Request

LCD Projector/Screen package           Price upon Request

4’X 8’ Stage sections w/skirt                $30 per section

Dance Floor                                        Price upon Request

Stage Lighting Package                      Price upon Request

Table Linen Service                             Price upon Request


Use Guidelines

1.  It shall be the responsibility of all Rental Clients to properly care for the facility and its contents. Rental clients are responsible for any and all damages to the facility caused as a result of his/her event or his/her guests.


2.  Rental clients and their guests must at all times conduct their activities with full regard to public safety and shall at all times abide by directives of the staff of the Event Center, their representative or any other duly authorized governmental agency having responsibility for public safety.


3.  The Brunswick Community College Event Center is a Smoke-Free Facility. No smoking is allowed inside the facility. (Please dispose of all cigarettes and cigars in the receptacles conveniently located at the lobby entrance and smoking gazebos.)


4.  Pursuant to North Carolina General Statue NO firearms or handguns concealed or otherwise are allowed within or on the grounds of Brunswick Community College.



5.  Access to the facility is only allowed on the day of the event. No access is permitted to the facility prior to or after an event without the advance written permission from the Staff of the Event Center.


6.  All events held in the Event Center that utilize the services of a live band, DJ or any other type of event including but not limited to concerts and trade shows are required to rent and utilize a 200 amp or 100 amp distribution Panel ($50/Day) for all electrical power requirements. The use of any electrical wall outlet located in the Event Center as a power source for bands, DJ’s or other concerts is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may any electrical panel cover be removed and no alterations may be made to any electrical panel located within the facility. Any event whose electrical requirements exceed 200 amps should contact the staff of the Event Center approximately 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Any electrical requirements that exceed 200 amps are subject to additional charges. Rental clients must provide their own extension cords. The Event Center does not rent or supply extension cords. All extension cords utilized in the facility must be of sufficient size and must be free of cuts, nicks or other damages that may constitute a fire hazard.


7.  Rental clients are responsible for the removal of all trash and food from building generated from his/her event. (If you expect your caterer or decorator to provide this service, we suggest that you discuss this with them prior to your event. Please do not assume that this service is included in your catering or decorating fee.)


8. All items and decorations MUST be removed at the conclusion of each event. (The staff of the Event Center will dispose of any items left from events and a service charge will be applied for such removal and/or storage.) The Brunswick Community College Event Center, Brunswick Community College or its Staff assumes no responsibility for the property of any client while located in the facility or on the campus.


9. Trash and food generated as a result of an event is to be disposed of properly in the dumpsters provided at the rear of the facility. (For extra trash bags, see the staff member on duty.) Note: Should it be required for the Staff of the Event Center to remove food and/or trash from the building/grounds an additional cleaning fee will be accessed to the client, which will be deducted from the Security Deposit.) If you should desire to pre-arrange for Cleaning Services, please contact the administrative staff prior to your event for a custom price quote.


10. Do not over stuff trashcans; this causes difficulty when removing the plastic liner and its contents for proper disposal in dumpsters.


11. The use of nails, screws, hooks; tacks or tape on any walls, floors, windows or doors is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate loss of Security Deposit.


12. Rental clients are responsible for removing all helium filled balloons from the facility. (Balloons that are removed by the staff of the Event Center will be subject to a service charge of $5.00/balloon).


13. The use of confetti is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the Event Center. The use of birdseed is permitted only on the outside of the building. (The use of confetti will result in the loss of Security Deposit.)


14. Rental clients and their guests shall not enter any area of the facility not covered by the clients lease agreement.


15. The removal of tables, chairs or other equipment from the building is not permitted. (No tables and/or chairs are available for loan.)


16. Sitting or standing on tables is strictly prohibited


17. Rental clients and their guests are requested not stand with their feet against any walls. (This causes wall surfaces to become extremely soiled and difficult to clean.) Rental Clients shall incur any costs associated with cleaning walls soiled as a result of his/her event or his/her guests.


18.  Event Manager(s) are required to be onsite for all events held after 5:00 pm Monday-Friday and for events held on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. House Managers are onsite to provide access to the facility and are available to assist in making events successful. However, it is not the responsibility of House Managers to reset tables/chairs or to provide post event clean-up services.  Please inform House Manager on duty of any requests or needs that might arise or in the event of an emergency.


19.  Please help us protect the facility's floors. Excessive scuff/black marks or deep scratches from shoes, service carts or other items brought into the facility may result in additional cleaning charges. Charges accessed for additional cleaning shall be the responsibility of the client and may be deducted from the Security Deposit. In the event charges exceed the security deposit client will be billed for excess charges as stated in lease agreement.


30.  Destruction or defacing of restroom stalls, stall doors, soap dispensers or paper towel holders will result in the loss of Security Deposit and are subject to additional charges for repairs or replacement as stated in your lease agreement.


31.  The Catering Kitchen utilized by clients or a client's caterer are subject to the following Kitchen Use Guidelines: (Please insure that your caterer is aware of these policies.)


For your safety and the safety of your guests and/or patrons it is recommended that prior to the preparation of any food items that all counter tops and food prep areas be thoroughly cleaned and/or sanitized to prevent cross contamination and/or the spread of disease.


a. Counter tops, food preparation tables and food service carts should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.


b. All floors must be swept and mopped. (Brooms, dust pans, mops and floor cleaning solutions are provided. Do not use Clorox on floors.)


c. All food products MUST be removed from refrigerator, microwave and food warmer at the conclusion of each event. (No items may be stored overnight without prior written permission.)

d. At the conclusion of each event it is the responsibility of the client or caterer to thoroughly clean any equipment used including counter tops, microwaves and warmer.


e. Please remember to turn all appliances OFF before vacating the facility.


f. Please note that the Event Center does not supply any of the following items: cookware, plates, glassware or silverware. (Please remember this is a catering kitchen and that any supplies or items needed to insure the success of the event must be provided by client or caterer.)


g. Please do not place FISH in refrigerator.


h. Access to the kitchen is only allowed on the day of the event. No access is permitted to the kitchen prior to or after an event without prior written permission from the Staff of the Event Center.)


i. Should your event require the delivery of bulk food items, plates, linens, etc. prior to the event, such deliveries must be arranged in advance with the Staff. The Event Center Staff is not permitted to unload, sign for, or accept deliveries to third parties.








Policy and procedures governing the service of alcohol on Brunswick Community College Campus must be followed by staff, students, alumni and catering or organizations renting or leasing the facilities.  Illegal and/or abusive alcohol practices will not be tolerated.


Approved service for alcohol is restricted only to events held at The Event Center, Fitness and Aquatic Center, Student Center Cafeteria and the South Brunswick Islands property (all of which are hereafter referred to as “facilities”).  Serving alcohol on any other part of the college campus and off-campus properties is not permissible.  The Event Center is defined as the enclosed addition attached to the Odell Williamson Auditorium available for outside rental.  The fitness and Aquatics Center is defined as its own building located on the campus with the gym available for outside rental.  The Student Center Cafeteria (Dining Hall) is defined as the enclosed addition to the Building A Administration Building available for use by the college on a reserved basis.  The South Brunswick Islands property is defined as its own building located in Carolina Shores and available for outside rental.


II.       POLICY


 Organizations and individuals who rent or lease the “facilities” may apply to provide alcohol services.  In order to provide alcohol services in the “facilities”, the lessee must adhere to the following:


A.      Submit a completed “Application to Provide Alcohol Services” to the Office of the President at Brunswick Community College.


B.     Submit a copy of liability insurance policy showing liability for any matters arising from serving alcohol.  The liability policy shall have limits of liability not less than $1M and shall name the college as an additional insured.  The lessee will assume all liability and will execute a hold harmless agreement in favor of the college.


C.    All alcohol will be served by an appropriately licensed and insured caterer.


D.    No alcohol will be offered on a self-service basis.


E.     All North Carolina and Brunswick County alcohol laws and regulations apply to events in the facilities; therefore, all permits required by said jurisdictions must be obtained by lessee when applicable.


F.     All events where alcohol is served shall have one or more uniformed BCC officers present.  Cost for officers on duty will be included in the fees for usage and paid by the lessee.  The Chief of Police will determine the number of officers required.


G.    The caterer will be responsible for limiting alcohol consumption to legally allowable limits.


H.     The caterer shall not serve alcohol to any person under 21 years of age and must require proper identification prior to service.



Note:  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy anytime the Board deems necessary.